Thursday, 19 December 2013

#ILL 7 Day Christmas Nail Art Challenge Day 4: Christmas Floam Gradient.

It's Day 4 of the 7 Day Nail Art Challenge already guys, which means, we are more then half way done :D

And in all honesty, I have done really simple nail arts :p But that's how I roll guys...I don't like complicated things, be it nail art or anything else in life. And to top that, my nails broke just prior to starting the challenge so even that put me off. But I had committed to participate and so I did.

So here is another super simple looking mani I did another christmasy indie polish I had, 'Festive Floam' by Ninja Polish.

Festive Floam is fine matte glitter in red, green and white. I absolutely love it <3 A simple gradient with these matte glitts looked really soft and pretty on my shorties !! The base for the gradient is O.P.I 'Don't Touch My Tutu'.

 Hope you guys liked it :)

See ya'll tomorrow, nightie night xx.

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