Sunday, 22 December 2013

ILL Christmas Nail Art Challenge Day 6: 'Ornaments'

Hi guys,

Yes, yes I am late but I didn't have my laptop with me so...

For today I tried my hand at making Christmas Tree Ornaments on my nails which looked super easy but I managed to mess them up :D Shows how much I suck at free hand :p

For the gradient I used, O.P.I 'Funny Bunny', Kleancolor 'Metallic Green', China Glaze 'Running In Circles' and LA Girls Glitter Addict 'Purge'. The ornaments were made of Kleancolor 'Metallic Red' and 'Metallic Blue'. For the lil strings, I used Sally Hansen 'Gilded Lily'.

Go on, temme it's crap !! I know it already :p