Saturday, 28 December 2013

KBShimmer 'Teal Another Tail' & 'Would Jubilee It ?' swatches & review

Hi guys,

I told you to look forward to some more KBShimmer goodness in my last post and here I am with 2 beautiful polishes.

First up, 'Teal Another Tail' is a satin matte teal with pink/blue duochrome shimmer. I am not too high on duochromes but I kinda like this one, mainly because it's not a dark shade.

Shown here is 2 coats but I suggest 3 coats for brighter effects.

Since it's a matte polish, I didn't use top coat.

Next up is, 'Would Jubilee It ?'

'Would Jubilee It? ' is a mix of blue, pink and silver round glitter, hex and short bar glitter in a clear base. The formula of the base is perfect and the glitter just requires a teeny bit of dabbing for more concentration on the nail.

You can buy KBShimmer nail polishes from:

KBS website


Hope you liked these :)

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