Tuesday, 3 December 2013

♥ Zoya Pixiedust in 'DHARA' ♥

If you have paid even a tiny bit of attention to the names of Zoya polishes, you would know that 99% of the shade names are names of girls. Sometimes it would make me wish that there be a Zoya bottle with my name on it, in the future. Who knew this silly wish would be fulfilled :D Honestly, what are the chances that a really typical Indian name could be the name of a shade from Zoya ?? But now that this had happened, I knew I had to get this shade, however tacky it may be or whoever I had to beg to get it for me. Thankfully, it's not tacky or anything on the negative side and I didn't have to beg lol.

 Zoya 'Dhara' is a really gorgeous bright orange with golden shimmer shining out, almost like the sun. And oh, it's a pixiedust, meaning it's a textured polish ladies :D

 If I am completely honest, I had made a face when I saw what shade 'Dhara' was. Orange is not my color and golden shimmer is definitely not me. But, oh well !!

What you see here is only 2 coats. It's insanely bright and pigmented. It did take me an hour or so to get used to such bright shade on my nails but once I did, I absolutely loved the way my hand looked. 'Dhara' i really eye-catching (pun intended ;) )

The golden shimmer is also very obvious and I am going to be a little biased over here and say that I did like the it. Silver shimmer wouldn't have looked this good, I am sure.

Texture wise, Zoya Pixiedust has to be gritty, since it's a textured polish, but it's not too rough to touch. It has just the right amount of grit. I have used O.P.I and Barry M textures and if I have to compare them, Zoya would win hands down considering the formula, application and texture.

If you love nail polishes, I suggest you quit buying everything else and pend some moolah on Zoya Pixiedusts. I have another 2 shades coming my way and I already feel like I can't get enough of these :D

Oh and if you happen to buy 'Dhara' in particular, think of meeee lol


P.S: Blog sale in around 2 days ;)

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