Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Totally Doable 'I Have A Life' Nail Art Challenge: Polka Dots

Hi there,

It's just the 2nd mani of this challenge and I am already pressed for time to put up the posts :(

The theme this time was polka dots. Now polka dots is something you can do some awesomeness with as well as go super simple but it can still manage to look great.

For my mani, I decided to do textured polka dots !! Super simple yet edgy...

For my base, I chose O.P.I 'My Vampire Is Buff', a very pretty neutral...

Yes, please ignore the smugded paint :p

Monday, 3 February 2014

#ILL Weekly Nail Art Challenge : Animal Print

Hello beautiful people,

I am back to participating in our very own Indian Lacquer Lovers weekly nail art challenge after a longgg break. I missed some really cool themes in the weeks gone by but I do intend to do attempt them when I have some free time after all the challenges I am doing !!

So this week, its animal print, Yayy !! I am yet to come across a girl who doesn't like animal prints. I, for one, LOVE them !! I keep it subtle but definitely love incorporating them in my outfits !! This mani, on the other hand, is anything but subtle.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Totally Doable 'I have A Life' Nail Art Challenge: 'Glitter'

Heya guys,

Yes. you read that write...I am doing after all, doing a nail art challenge(again) by Jazzy of Californails. As the title says, it's totally doable and doesn't interfere with daily life !! I think I will be able to complete this challenge without a hitch. Ok I may be late by a day at the max :p But I am going to try my best to keep up.

The theme for today is 'Glitter'. Who doesn't love some good glitter on nails ?? I sure do :D I decided to attempt another glitter gradient, which according to me is still a fail :(