Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Most Expensive

I bet most of you have always wondered how much do I spend on polish !! I keep wondering the same about other bloggers too :p I am gonna put your thoughts to rest by revealing what's the most I have paid for a single bottle of polish.

Color Club 'Eternal Beauty' is the most expensive polish I have. It's not exactly supposed to be expensive but I got it from UK where it's price is waaayy higher than what it is in the US.

HOLO !!! I need to say no more :D Pic taken in direct sunlight.

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Had to have, never worn it !! Another polish by my name !!

Had to have it- too many bottles fall into this category x_x I have had bad bad lemmings, begged people to get them for me and done what not !! But sadly, if I am showing them to you at this juncture, it means they are unused. Wait, what ?!! Lemmings squashed but still unused ? Sigh !! All polish hoarders and addicts will have at least 1 such bottle ! I have 2 !!

Imagine having a polish by your name !! You would obviously want it. So I had to have piCture pOlish 'Jasmine' which was a collab shade with TraceFace Philes. For those who don't know, my legal name is Jasmine which came into being in 2004, after I got married. Most girls change their surnames, I had to change my first name *rolls eyes*

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Boutique

Hello polish lovers,

I am running late in the challenge again x_x But this time I took pics as soon as I had worn the polish so no blurs or tipwears or whatever !!

The theme 'Boutique' sounded very daunting at first and had me sweating, thinking I had no boutique polish in my stash. Dunno whether to be happi about it or sad that there is something I don't own yet :p But turns out, I do have several boutique polishes ;) In plain words, boutique polishes are those brands which are very exclusive to certain stores. Most of them would be indie but there are regular brands like American Apparel and butterLONDON too.

I chose piCture pOlish 'Serenity' for this theme. With Serenity, piCture pOlish debuts on the blog :D

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Drugstore

Hi girls,

I am back with the next prompt and this seemed like the easiest- Drugstore. Every polish hoarder will have a ton of drugstore polishes. They are cheap and everywhere, so you buy a few even when you don't want to !!

I went on and used 3 unused drugstore polishes :D It's feels like an achievement when I use more than 1 untried for a single theme.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Indie

Hi guys,

For today's prompt, selection was super difficult lol ... most of my untrieds are indies !! So I went with something that I really love..grey glitter !!

I love the idea of grey glitters. The main reason why I bought this beautiful polish by KBShimmer called 'Make My Gray'.

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Jelly

Hello there,

The next prompt for the untrieds is Jelly. For those who are not too deep into nail polish, jelly is a polish which is semi sheer and has this squishy look to it. You will understand better when you see the pics below...

For this theme, I used KBShimmer 'Belle Of The Mall' from their new collection for Spring 2014.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Random

Hi girls,

I am pathetic !! I have been doing the challenge religiously, taking pics on time, editing and everything but I have had no time to post !! So I have decided to make my post excruciatingly short and precise.

The 3rd theme was 'Random' and I chose China Glaze 'Emotion', which is a dusty rose pink metallic.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Pastel

Hi guys,

The prompt for today is pastel and I managed to come down by 5 unused nail polishes in a single mani YAYY !!

Honestly, this is not what I had planned. But rarely, do my manis come off as I want them to.

In the end, I did a pastel distressed nail art over a white base (Sally Hansen White On)

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge : Glitter

Yess, I have taken up a new nail polish challenge!! The objective is go through the neverending pile of untried polish bottles. The number of untrieds in my stash is very overwhelming and this challenge came at a very good time.  I have done this exercise earlier on the blog as well, but didn't do it with any particular themes. This time though, there is a list of themes and it's just gonna make the challenge interesting ;)

The theme today is Glitter and I just slapped on 2 coats of KBShimmer 'Toast-ess With The Mostest'.

Under artificial light