Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Boutique

Hello polish lovers,

I am running late in the challenge again x_x But this time I took pics as soon as I had worn the polish so no blurs or tipwears or whatever !!

The theme 'Boutique' sounded very daunting at first and had me sweating, thinking I had no boutique polish in my stash. Dunno whether to be happi about it or sad that there is something I don't own yet :p But turns out, I do have several boutique polishes ;) In plain words, boutique polishes are those brands which are very exclusive to certain stores. Most of them would be indie but there are regular brands like American Apparel and butterLONDON too.

I chose piCture pOlish 'Serenity' for this theme. With Serenity, piCture pOlish debuts on the blog :D

Typically, Serenity is a translucent green with lavender blue glass flecks and purple glitters! It is a somewhat frosty but still gorgeous, rich shade which reminds me of peacock feathers !!

The gold crown decal/charm, whatever it's called was bought from a beauty supply chain in Mumbai called 'New Beauty Centre'.

A macro for you to see the glass flecks shining !!

Hope you guys liked my boutique polish :p

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