Monday, 28 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Had to have, never worn it !! Another polish by my name !!

Had to have it- too many bottles fall into this category x_x I have had bad bad lemmings, begged people to get them for me and done what not !! But sadly, if I am showing them to you at this juncture, it means they are unused. Wait, what ?!! Lemmings squashed but still unused ? Sigh !! All polish hoarders and addicts will have at least 1 such bottle ! I have 2 !!

Imagine having a polish by your name !! You would obviously want it. So I had to have piCture pOlish 'Jasmine' which was a collab shade with TraceFace Philes. For those who don't know, my legal name is Jasmine which came into being in 2004, after I got married. Most girls change their surnames, I had to change my first name *rolls eyes*

Sucha pretty lilac <3 The tiny glitters give an edge yet keep it simple !

Since I am trying to use as many polishes as I can in every challenge, I decided to incorporate another shade that I had badly wanted. Zoya Pixiedust 'Carter', a purple glittery texture polish :D I had a blogger friend's mom get it for me from US :D

Nothing fancy here. I was super confused about what to do with Carter because I didn't want it to overpower Jasmine. So here are some simple triangles which I made using a striping tape !!

I am entirely satisfied with my use of Carter. This beautiful polish needs more exposure. We'll see when I can come up with something featuring Carter again :)

See ya'll tomorrow with two new challenge posts...yes, I am on a roll :D