Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Most Expensive

I bet most of you have always wondered how much do I spend on polish !! I keep wondering the same about other bloggers too :p I am gonna put your thoughts to rest by revealing what's the most I have paid for a single bottle of polish.

Color Club 'Eternal Beauty' is the most expensive polish I have. It's not exactly supposed to be expensive but I got it from UK where it's price is waaayy higher than what it is in the US.

HOLO !!! I need to say no more :D Pic taken in direct sunlight.

I didn't want to keep it simple but also didn't want to overpower this beauty so I just added a few dots using Zoya 'Carter'.

It didn't show up much in direct sunlight but it looked pretty indoors with subtle holo and textured dots...

By now, we have completed 10 challenge prompts and I managed to use 18 unused polishes !! Not too bad huh ?!

See ya'll tomorrow with the least expensive untried polish !!

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