Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Pastel

Hi guys,

The prompt for today is pastel and I managed to come down by 5 unused nail polishes in a single mani YAYY !!

Honestly, this is not what I had planned. But rarely, do my manis come off as I want them to.

In the end, I did a pastel distressed nail art over a white base (Sally Hansen White On)

It didn't turn out as good as my last attempt at distressed nail art but I was running out of time.

The untried polishes were NYX Pro Salon Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pink and Pastel Pistachio. I put on a layer of Essence 'the Space Queen' which is an iridescent glitter topper.

It may not be my best effort but I just want to keep up with the challenge and get rid of my untrieds stash. I am so excited about the coming themes that I have almost all my manis planned till the end of the challenge i.e upto June :D

Anyways, temme how good or bad you think this nail art was...I won't mind :)