Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#ILL Weekly Nail Art Challenge: 1st plate bought

We girls often remember our 1st's...1st crush, 1st kiss, 1st date, 1st gift given/received, so on & so forth...same is the case with bloggers !! I clearly remember my 1st MAC product, an eye shadow trio...my 1st indie, Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker...Likewise, I do remember my 1st stamping plate and cherish the story behind it (yes, there is a story but it's not for today)

Konad M59 was my 1st stamping plate and I haven't used it much !! So this was an apt opportunity to use it.

For the base, I used Kleancolor Metallic White, which is exactly what the name says...and did a light pink gradient with Colobar Pink Smith, which is a light pink metallic.

And of course I had to use Konad M59 with Kleancolor Metallic Pink.

Lemme know what you guys think of these girlie bows :)

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