Monday, 19 May 2014

#ILL Weekly Nail Challenge : Recreate a Mani

Hey there,

How you guys been ?? I have been busy with my daughter's exams and since it is her first time with real exams, I am a nervous wreck. Hence the lack of posts. I didn't get time to apply polish !! And when I got some, I quickly came up with 2 posts. The next attempt of the Neverending Pile Challenge mani will follow right after this ;)

So, for this challenge, I decided to recreate Gnarly Gnails's tape mani. You definitely have to check her's. It's waaayyy better (obviously, duh !!)

Polishes used are Orly 'Glowstick' neon yellow green creme which dries to a matte finish and piCture pOlish 'Heavy Metal', a gunmetal fine glitter in silver grey base.

Somehow I have never liked plain neon cremes against my skin tone so I loved wearing it like this. It looked kinda edgy and was super simple to do.

Lemme know how you liked this simple mani :)

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