Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Holo

Hi there,

And helloo HOLO :D Yess, I am that excited :p I absolutely love holographic polishes. And this is the best time to wear them. At least this is one thing we, Indians can thank the sun for. It makes us happi by making our holographic polishes give out dancing rainbows on our dainty lil fingers and that totally does make up for the heat we bear !!

So I had around 5 holo polishes in my untrieds stash and I wanted to use them all but something like a gradient is off limits with holo polishes. I ain't wasting them on a sponge :p So this is what I came up with, managing to cut off 2 holo polishes off my untrieds list ...

That is Glitter Gal 'Light As A Feather' 3D Holo, a white holographic polish on the the index & middle finger.

Ring & pinky nails are Color Club 'Beyond', black linear holographic polish.

I also used Color Club 'Beyond' to stamp on the white holo using BM408.

The before stamping & top coat pic...

I am in looove with the white holo. It looks soo serene & pure !!! I am going to have to come up with something special using it later, when the challenge is over !!

Do lemme know which of the holos did you like better :)

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