Monday, 9 June 2014

O.P.I. 'Ski Slope Sweetie' swatches

Hi guys,

I got a quick swatch post for ya'll. If you should know anything about my polish addiction, then it's my love for whites. White glitters, white metallics, white frosts, white crellies...just everything white attracts me (except white cremes). So I have got a pretty elegant yet edgy white polish from O.P.I today.

O.P.I 'Ski Slope Sweetie is a sheer white frosty polish with strong golden shimmer throughout.

This is 2 coats since I don't mind the nail line. But I am guessing you'd need at least 4 coats for this to be fully opaque and this is the only down part of this polish.

Let me show you the golden of this polish...

That's all for tonight folks...see you guys later with another super swatch :)