Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fun Smileys Nail Art

Hey there,

So everyone needs some smiles in their lives every now & then ! So I made something on my nails that made me and people around me smile every time we had a peak at my nails.

The cute lil faces were achieved by making stamping decals and filling them with desired colors. I was over excited and didn't wait for the stamp to dry and quickly filled in polishes which messed the black :(

But nevertheless, I absolutely the result...For the base I used O.P.I 'Girls Love Diamonds' , a shiny sparkly white :D You guys would have no idea about how long I have been looking for such a white !!

It was pretty sheer at 2 coats but since I knew I would covering the tips with the decals anyways so I didn't bother to pile on more coats.

The decals were made using Bundle Monster plate BM 304, konad black special polish and various pastel polishes from Lime Crime.

Hope you guys liked it as much as I did :)

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