Monday, 8 September 2014

#31DC2014 Day 8: Metallic

Hi there,

Today morning, I realized that my blog completed 2 years on Sept 1st !! How dumb of me to not remember my own blog's birthday !! So here's wishing myself and my little blog a very happi birthday and a huge thank you to the readers who find my posts good enough to comment and also the silent readers...hope you have benefited from my swatches !!

Moving on, today's theme is metallic nails. I did a dry brush skittle using 3 foil textured polishes by Orly and a different type of glitter !!

The base for all the nails is Sally Hansen 'Black Out'. On the ring finger is Orly 'Luxe' (gold foil), middle is Orly 'Shine' (silver foil) and on the ring is Orly 'Rage' (rose gold foil).

On the ring finger is O.P.I 'Gaining Mole-Mentum', a mix of gold, silver and rose gold glitter shreds !!

Lemme know how you guys liked this one !!

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