Saturday, 4 October 2014

#31DC2014 Day 27,28,29,30 & 31 !!

Am I for real LOL ?? This is possibly the only post in the history of 31 Day Challenges that some one will be posting nail arts for 5 days in 1 post !! Oh but I am extremely short on time and this is better than not posting any and just skipping them.

So here they are...

Day 27: Artwork

This was inspired by Andy Warhol's painting..

Day 28: Flag

I missed out on doing a mani for Independence Day so I wanted to do an Indian flag inspired mani for this prompt. And then India became the 1st country in the world to reach the surface of planet Mars in the 1st attempt so I had another reason to celebrate the Indian flag.

Day 29: The Supernatural

I didn't have much Idea about this so I just put together some images from various stamping plates.

Day 30: A Tutorial

Jigsaw puzzle nail art following Yasmeen aka Sloteazzy .

Day 31: Honor nail you love

Abstract Splatter by Nicole aka YoungWildandPolished

Soooo with this I have successfully completed the daunting 31 Day Challenge yayyie !! I will get a badge from Chalkboardnails Blog and upload it tomorrow !!

I hope you liked my nail arts so far and although I am soo glad this challenge is over, I can't deny the satisfaction I am feeling :)

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