Sunday, 3 April 2016

Neon flowers for #wnac2016

Hi polish lovers,

It's April already, slow down 2016 !! And it's also time for some spring action. What better way to dive head first into spring then Neon Flowers ?


Base : Colorbar Black nail polish.
Stamping plate : UberChic 7-01
Decals made using Ubermat, Model's Own 'Bikini', Flip Flop', 'Beach Bag', 'Malibu Pink' & 'Turquoise Sea'.

Hope you guys liked my efforts :)

Friday, 18 March 2016

Green Watermarble for St. Patrick's Day #clairestelle8mar

Hi girls (& guys, if any)

Now I don't have much knowledge about this festival apart from the fact it's all about green colour. So I just went with a green nail polish & stamped an image on it. Done !!

Base: Colors By Llarowe 'Gemini Rising '
Stamping Plate: hehe 40.

I tried to get the vortex of my faux watermarble in the exact same place on every nail using my new clear stamper from BornPrettyStore! !

Hope you guys liked it :)

Monday, 14 March 2016

Red Roses for #whencolourscollide

Hi guys,

So I did a quick nail art for the Facebook group 'When Colours Collide', the theme being Red & Black. And I am super late in posting this !

Base: piCture pOlish 'Arabian'

Stamping plate : FUN 13.

Simple !!

Hope you guys liked the Roses :)

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Smoosh Nails for #smooshynailsunday

Hi there,

Like I promised earlier, another smooshy mani for you haha.

Details :

Purple : China Glaze 'Violet Vibes '
Green : China Glaze 'Treble Maker '
White : Zoya 'Purity'

I didn't get the time to do something over this so I just kept them plain.

Hope you guys liked it.

Neon Mosiac for #clairestelle8mar

Hey there,

Hope everyone's had a good weekend !! Today I have neon skittlette nail art for you. I did this nail art for #clairestelle8mar , a challenge on IG & the theme is Mosiac.

Base : China Glaze 'Glow With The Flow', 'Treble Maker ', 'DJ Blue My Mind' & 'Daisy Know My Name' .

Stamping plate: UberChic Beauty 2-01.

I hope I justified the theme and you guys liked it !!!

Friday, 11 March 2016

GeoSmoosh Nails !!

Hi guys,

Yes, I know the title is a little weird. It is so coz I mixed the names of the technique I used for the base & the design on the base. Basically, I smooshed 3 colors on my nail and stamped a geometric design on it .


Base: China Glaze 'Violet Vibes', ' Daisy Know My Name' & 'Glow With The Flow'.

Stamping plate: UberChic Beauty 6-01.

Hope you guys like my smoosh manis because there are more to come haha !!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Clothes inspired Nails for #clairestelle8mar

Hi there,

Today's theme is a nail art inspired by clothes. And I pulled out a top I got last summer. Pretty lil bows & color of the season- winner !!


Base: China Glaze 'Treble Maker'
Stamping plate: Pueen 78.
Stamping polish: MDU Mexican Pink.

I hope you guys liked this one !!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Stripes for #wnac2016


I am officially a smoosh maniac now !! I want to create smooshed base for all my nail arts. It's just that easy.

Another IG challenge that I am participating in. #wnac2016 , theme -stripes. Since we are not so good at free handing stripes, too lazy to use vinyls, let's scurry for stripey stamping design haha.


Polishes for smoosh base: Model's Own  'Turquoise Sea', 'Malibu Pink', 'Beach Bag', 'Flip Flop' & 'Bikini'.

Stamping plate: B.Loves Plates ♡B.01♡ Geometry Is Perfect.

I hope you guys like this nail art and are not already bored with smooshy nails. Because I have at least 1 smoosh nail art coming every week !!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

#clairestelle8mar :Blue : Semi Tribal Nails! !

Hi guys,

I am soo jinxed when I announce that I will participate in the month long nail challeneges that go on on IG. But then how can I not say it here what challenege the nail arts are for ? So it's the day for #clairestelle8march, the them being BLUE. The nails I have on today are special for another reason as well !  They are so because the polish I used as a base and the stamping plate, both have been created by Marta Warmuz of Chit Chat Nails in collaboration with their respective brands !!


Base: piCture pOlish 'Cyan'.
Stamping plate : BM XL202 in collab with Chit Chat Nails.
Decals made on Ubermat by Uberchic Beauty.

That's all for today. I hope you guys loved my take on tribal nails :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Drag Marble Hearts! !

Hi there,

Today I have a nail art with a technique I haven't tried before - Drag Marble !

I wwanted to do drag marble hearts and figured it would take me a lot of practice to do them directly on my nails. So i busted out my trusted ubermat from UberChic Beauty and made drag marble decals. That turned out to be easy and more neat !

Polish details:
Grey: OPI 'Cement The Deal '
Yellow : Lime Crime 'Crema De Limon'
Yellow Holo: Cupcake Polish 'Don't Worry Bee Happy'.

I hope you guys liked this nail art :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Vintage Feels !

Hi there,

Today, after a long time I did something intricate. These nails were actually done for Valentine's day but I am only posting them now !

These love letter type manis have been around forever and they were in my to-do list since long.  I just didn't do them earlier because these require a good amount of time since I knew I had to make rose decals. Free hand roses ? Nahh..

For stamping decals, I used the Ubermat by Uberchic Beauty. Love that thing. Look below for mani details:

Base: OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff'
Scribbles: Black Konad Polish & Pueen 113.
Roses: Superchic Lacquer 'Realm Of Erotica', Colors by Llarowe 'Gemini Rising' & UberChic 4-01.

I hope you guys liked my mani :)

Monday, 15 February 2016

Neon Stripes !!

Hi there,

Been 2 weeks since I posted a new nail art. Not like I haven't been doing nails, just been putting off idea why !!

Anyways, here's a pretty simple yet fun nail art which doesn't take too long or too much effort.

Polish deets:

Purple: KBShimmer 'Sarong Place, Sarong Time'

Pink: KBShimmer 'Lei It Again'.

Orange: KBShimmer 'Bahama Drama'.

Simply, make brush strokes strating a bit away from the cuticles, add black dots and topcoat. DONE !!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Purple & Green Gradient

Hi guys,

It's February 1st !! Did a whole month of the new year just fly by ?? Anyways, tosay I have a simple gradient & stamping to show you all.

Nail deets:

Purple : OPI 'Purple Palazzo Pants'
Green: OPI 'That's Hula-rious '

Stamping plate: UberChic Beauty 6-02
Stamping polish: Superchic Lacquer ' No Rest For The Wicked'.

That's all for today :)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Pink Stars !!

Hi guys,

Sometimes you want a simple nail art on your digits but still want it to stand out. Today's nail art is something down that line. 

I started off with OPI 'Suzi Shops and Island Hops' after of course a layer of base coat !! 

Proceeded to dry brushing some grey which is OPI 'Cement The Deal'.

Then some negative space stamping using UberChic Beauty plate 6-01. Top coat and you have a simple & pretty nail art to flaunt.

Hope you guys liked it as much as I :)

Friday, 15 January 2016

WaterMarble Mania !!

Hi there,

So we all know that getting perfectly water marbled nails is a feat in itself. So an established water marbler (is that even a word ??), Yasmeen a.k.a Sloteazzy (on Instagram) collabed with Bundle MOnster & gave us a stamping plate with the coolest of water marble designs !! So here is my go at it..

Friday, 8 January 2016

Neon Party & The Glow !!

Hey guys,
So if you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I got a crazy amount of polishes from the USA last month. I know the exact number of them but I won't disclose it here :p You are free to go to my IG feed & count them haha...
The most interesting ones of the new lot are a variety of neon glitter toppers that I got from Polish Me Silly !! Let's have a look at one of them today..

Base: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 'White On'.
Index & Pinky: Polish Me Silly ' Beach Party' (mix of blue, neon pink & neon green glitter in clear base).
Middle & Ring stamped with: Moyou London Fashionista 11.
Stamping Polish: China Glaze 'UV Meant To Be' (blue), 'Glow With The Flow' (pink) & Model's Own 'Flip Flop' (green).
Interestingly,  all things neon glow under a black light so I borrowed a pen from my daughter which had a black light bulb in its cover and took this shot...

That's all for today :) 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Snow & Ice !!

Hi there,
So the chill in India is on the rise so getting some snow on my nails only seems appropriate! !

For this mani, I used:

Gradient: China Glaze 'UV Meant To Be', Barry M 'Huckleberry' & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 'White On'.

A thin layer of China Glaze 'Fairy Dust' went next.

Stamping Plate: Uberchic Christmas 01.

Stamping Polish: Konad White.

Ring Finger: Glam Polish 'Bewitched'.

Sealed with Seche Vite Top Coat !!

That's all for now..I hope you liked my winter nail art :)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Gold Bling !!

Hi lovelies,
Today I have a blingy gold & black simple stamping nail art to show you. It was originally done for a challenge in one of the nail groups on Facebook.
Base polish : The awesome 'Million Dollar Dream ' by Fun Lacquer
Stamping Plate: BP-L003 by BornPrettyStore
I was sad that I couldn't fully capture the awesomeness of MDD. It is way more holo than what it looks in the pic !!
That's all for now..thank you for stopping by :)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year !! Resolutions Renewed !!

Hi guys,

Wish you all a very very happy new year filled with a lot of smiles & success !! So yes, I have decided to show my face..err..posts again. Well, in all honesty, I was always active but only on Instagram & Facebook !! So with 2016, I have resolved to start blogging again...& get fit...These 2 resolutions come up every year & fade away as the year passes, hence the title of this post :p

Anyways, I didn't go partying for NYE but I certainly did NYE worthy nails ;)

Base: Essie 'Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low'

Stamping plate: Bundle Monster BM-S211

Stamping Polish: Konad Special white.

Hope you guys like it :)