Friday, 15 January 2016

WaterMarble Mania !!

Hi there,

So we all know that getting perfectly water marbled nails is a feat in itself. So an established water marbler (is that even a word ??), Yasmeen a.k.a Sloteazzy (on Instagram) collabed with Bundle MOnster & gave us a stamping plate with the coolest of water marble designs !! So here is my go at it..

Nail Deets:  

Vertical gradient: KBShimmer 'Lei It Again', 'Bahama Drama', 'For Sail By Owner', 'In Yatch Water' & 'Sarong Place SarongTime'. Now who wants to fly to Hawaii right away ??

Stamping plate: Bundle Monster BM xl210

Stamping Polish: Konad Special Black.

I collabed with a bunch of my polish friends and we decided to use this very plate & come up with our thing. Here's a collage of their awesome creations..