Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Vintage Feels !

Hi there,

Today, after a long time I did something intricate. These nails were actually done for Valentine's day but I am only posting them now !

These love letter type manis have been around forever and they were in my to-do list since long.  I just didn't do them earlier because these require a good amount of time since I knew I had to make rose decals. Free hand roses ? Nahh..

For stamping decals, I used the Ubermat by Uberchic Beauty. Love that thing. Look below for mani details:

Base: OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff'
Scribbles: Black Konad Polish & Pueen 113.
Roses: Superchic Lacquer 'Realm Of Erotica', Colors by Llarowe 'Gemini Rising' & UberChic 4-01.

I hope you guys liked my mani :)

Monday, 15 February 2016

Neon Stripes !!

Hi there,

Been 2 weeks since I posted a new nail art. Not like I haven't been doing nails, just been putting off idea why !!

Anyways, here's a pretty simple yet fun nail art which doesn't take too long or too much effort.

Polish deets:

Purple: KBShimmer 'Sarong Place, Sarong Time'

Pink: KBShimmer 'Lei It Again'.

Orange: KBShimmer 'Bahama Drama'.

Simply, make brush strokes strating a bit away from the cuticles, add black dots and topcoat. DONE !!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Purple & Green Gradient

Hi guys,

It's February 1st !! Did a whole month of the new year just fly by ?? Anyways, tosay I have a simple gradient & stamping to show you all.

Nail deets:

Purple : OPI 'Purple Palazzo Pants'
Green: OPI 'That's Hula-rious '

Stamping plate: UberChic Beauty 6-02
Stamping polish: Superchic Lacquer ' No Rest For The Wicked'.

That's all for today :)