Wednesday, 2 March 2016

#clairestelle8mar :Blue : Semi Tribal Nails! !

Hi guys,

I am soo jinxed when I announce that I will participate in the month long nail challeneges that go on on IG. But then how can I not say it here what challenege the nail arts are for ? So it's the day for #clairestelle8march, the them being BLUE. The nails I have on today are special for another reason as well !  They are so because the polish I used as a base and the stamping plate, both have been created by Marta Warmuz of Chit Chat Nails in collaboration with their respective brands !!


Base: piCture pOlish 'Cyan'.
Stamping plate : BM XL202 in collab with Chit Chat Nails.
Decals made on Ubermat by Uberchic Beauty.

That's all for today. I hope you guys loved my take on tribal nails :)