Saturday, 5 March 2016

Stripes for #wnac2016


I am officially a smoosh maniac now !! I want to create smooshed base for all my nail arts. It's just that easy.

Another IG challenge that I am participating in. #wnac2016 , theme -stripes. Since we are not so good at free handing stripes, too lazy to use vinyls, let's scurry for stripey stamping design haha.


Polishes for smoosh base: Model's Own  'Turquoise Sea', 'Malibu Pink', 'Beach Bag', 'Flip Flop' & 'Bikini'.

Stamping plate: B.Loves Plates ♡B.01♡ Geometry Is Perfect.

I hope you guys like this nail art and are not already bored with smooshy nails. Because I have at least 1 smoosh nail art coming every week !!!